L. Michele hones Brooklyn-bred talent on slick EP

Reviewed by Howie Mitchell
L. Michele/L. Michele
With a proudly announced Brooklyn-based background, L. Michele was certainly raised in the right environment for the kind of cool-as-ice R&B that she specializes in. While living in the perfect place is never a guarantee of success, or a barometer of talent, there’s no doubt that L. Michele has honed her skills. On this self-titled five-cut EP, L. Michele displays everything that she’s capable of, from sexy, easy-does-it R&B (“Could It Be”) to piano-painted soul (the aptly titled “Love”) to Beyonce-esque urban pop smarts (“1,000 Words”).
The grooves here don’t overwhelm her; often producers of independent R&B artists are so insecure about the singing of their prodigy that they do too much to color what they perceive as limitations. That doesn’t happen here. L. Michele is given the space to breathe, to strut her magic. The finest track is “I Can’t Be,” which shows already shows developing maturity in a bright young thang.

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