iCande delivers ear candy on delicious debut album


Reviewed by Howie Mitchell


It’s pronounced “eye candy,” and there’s no false advertising in that. Consisting of four very attractive young women – Alex, Alyssa, Shannon, and Tayah – iCande are being revved up as the next Spice Girls. While the rock-critic snobs may have dissed the Spice Girls for being superficial fluff, they released highly entertaining and sexy bubblegum pop tunes that proved to be an uplifting respite from all the gloomy grunge and gangsta rap at the time. iCande are following a similar formula, marrying various forms of dance music with R&B and girl-group pop.

That songwriter Kirsti Manna – who has penned a couple of country-radio hits – has either written or co-written nearly each track on SOPO has given these girls quite an advantage over their peers. Almost every cut on here is a single waiting to happen, from the ’80s-flavored Madonna tribute “Boy Toy” to the synth-heavy urban beatbox “Jealous” to the mellow soul grooves of “Bring Your Heart Around.” Eye candy? Make that ear candy as well.

It’s not all disco, either. “iCande” has driving guitars and “Meltdown” inches closer to modern-rock territory. The diversity of sounds later isn’t jarring as the songs blend together through the delicious harmonizing of the girls. 



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