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Eggshell Egoz outlast the Red Hot Chili Peppers with their funky energy


Reviewed by Howie Mitchell

Eggshell Egoz/Funky Poetz

To be fair, Eggshell Egoz don’t sound as much like the Red Hot Chili Peppers as they could’ve. Yes, the influence is definitely there – quite blatant, actually. But Eggshell Egoz do try to make their own flip on the fusion of rap, rock, and funk. In fact, they probably exert more energy on Funky Poetz than the Peppers did on their last couple of albums.

While the Peppers are entering their middle age and slowing nearly everything down to recapture the Top-40 magic of “Under the Bridge,” Eggshell Egoz are jumping out of the cage. The title track and “Slippery Slime” percolate with some über pulsating bass lines and face-slapping percussion. It is fun stuff, the kind of partying music you want blowing out of your speakers on a summer afternoon. “Riverbend” is driven by crunch-rock riffs and semi-rapped vocals that simply crush the bad memory of Sugar Ray. When Eggshell Egoz want to chill, such as on “Taking My Time” and “Manic Peaches,” they recall the best of Sublime without the haze of smoke.


Strong performances, not gimmicks, drive Lea Jones single

Reviewed by Howie Mitchell

Lea Jones/”Lucky Boy” (single)

To be honest, whoever ends up with Lea Jones will certainly be one lucky boy. However, those of us who are painfully aware that we are definitely out of the league of consideration can be content in admiring her talents. And “Lucky Boy” certainly jumps out of the gate with a sword-sharp beat utilizing funky guitars and bouncy keyboards that are actually not as thrust blatantly into the mix as most rap and hip-hop. Certainly, “Lucky Boy” isn’t purely in the rap genre, more like a crossover with pop. Jones doesn’t rap but guest Mike Pye does, adding color to her classy dance show. I like how slick yet minimalist this track sounds; producer Jean-Michel Soupraya doesn’t saturate it with artificial ingredients, keeping the music down-to-Earth and letting Jones drive the car mostly by herself. Not a lot of fancy tricks just strong performances throughout.