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Jam’g reinvents modern hip-hop with old-school style and positive messages


Reviewed by Howie Mitchell

Jam’g/Just (Because)

Is it possible for hip-hop to actually be fun again? After being dominated by gangsta rap and the bling-bling crowd, Jam’g arrives to steer the ship back to its original route. This old-school approach (for the lack of a better term) is best exemplified by “See You at the Lake” with its pulsating keyboards and colorful samples which sound like colliding alarm clocks.

Influenced by George Clinton and Prince, Jam’g records music with a different sensibility than most of today’s rappers. This isn’t music that gloats about having material items or glamorizes violence. In fact, when Jam’g does tackle serious subject matter, he does so with a sense of morality and social responsibility. “Life in San Quentin,” for example, strips away the MTV glow of thug life as its protagonist never wants to return to an existence behind bars. “Be 4 U Go” chastises a man for his playa ways. I love how Jam’g shows both male and female perspectives on this CD, giving equal time to both boy rappers and girl R&B vocalists.

On the surface, Just (Because) may seem like another party record. But pay attention to the words, especially on “Let’s Party Tonight,” which you may think is about getting it on with chicks in a club. It’s not. It’s actually an anthem for women who are seeking real love and not be treated like props. Bravo!